Welcome to Negeri Baja Digital Technology Solutions

Our Solutions

Website Development

...because we know that a website is one of the main ways to communicate with anyone.

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App Development

...by implementing the latest technology available, we can develop a complex application.

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Cloud Computing

...all technology is already in the cloud, that's why we ready to provide and support it for you.

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Technology Consulting

...dedicated support to direct, plan, and manage your technology developments and operations.

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Digital Consulting

...catchall for all of your digital content, UI/UX design, SEO, social media, and online advertising.

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NBS on-Site (NB-SOS)

...a specialty solution designed to bring the in house benefits for customized technical support.

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Case Study

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Why Our Solutions?

Since Negeri Baja Solutions (NBS) is a business line of BANGSA NEGERI BAJA, what we do is deep testing, taking research, and developing solutions for you as digital leaders in this digital transformation era.

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