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Sunday, May 13, 2007

ENDdustries.Com create ENDcidential

ENDdustries.Com create ENDcidential a name or brand of SkateShop that is owned by ENDdustries.Com. ENDcidential SkateShop only sells skateboarding stuff online on the Internet. Below is their dream about ENDcidential SkateShop… “ENDcidential SkateShop is something we always wished for as skateboarders, a place where you can check out the most comprehensive collection of cutting-edge and classic inventory, build exactly what you want and get it for a great price. It’s just like walking through an entire warehouse of skate inventory and coming out with the perfect gear, except everything gets shipped right to your door!

For the novice skateboarder or a parent buying for their son or daughter, ENDcidential SkateShop offers a couple of different ways to make the right choices, despite being faced with such massive inventory and any lack of knowledge about skateboarding or what’s “hot”. In the ENDcidential Online Shop, the current featured product are featured across the top of the page to help you choose what’s “hot”. We also offer complete skateboards, built only from the most popular, highest-quality components available. Finally, if a complete isn’t offered with the specific components you’re looking for, you can refer to our Contact for information that will help you choose your own components or build your own skateboard.
ENDcidential SkateShop is owned and operated by skateboardrs and we care a great deal about your customer satisfaction. Your feedback is always welcome. Our goal is to make you happy enough to want to tell your friends about us.”
words and picts by END47

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